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To aid you in making vital decisions with regard to your hospital ,we have devised a calculator that enables you to attain essential data . The most common query that you might have is of course the ‘COP or Cost of Project’. The COP is useful to ascertain and understand all financial aspects of starting your own hospital, clinic or any other healthcare delivery centre. Space Programming is an extremely important function that helps you understand the distribution of available floor-space in the hospital.

Curious to find out how your existing hospital will fare financially for the next 5 years? Our Bench marking calculator is equipped to give you a realistic forecast of expected financial returns for a five year period starting today.


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How to Create Hassle-free Parking at your Hospital?

Metro cities worldwide are famous for the population density. With a higher population comes an exponential increase in automobile traffic, greater probability of accidental and regular patients, and the ever-growing problem of parking. Hospitals, as a structure, are...
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What makes Hospitals more Efficient: Patient-Centric or Patient-Centric Design?

When a hospital is designed, who are the first people kept in mind by the architects? Who benefits the most from planning the design and physical space? Here’s what leading industry experts have to say. Many researches have already established a direct relationship...
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Designing for Rural Public Healthcare

Ikyatha Yerasala talks to experts from the healthcare and design industry, who share the key considerations to be kept in mind while designing a rural public healthcare facility.. The state of rural Public healthcare in India is often deplorable. A staggering 70 per...
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MEP Design for Hospitals 101

Satish Kamble, Managar-MEP Design at Hosmac answers questions on designing efficient MEP systems in hospitals. Mechanical and electrical engineering are like the nerves of the hospital. When working on a green field hospital project, what is an ideal cost percentage...
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How Green Hospital Norms have Influenced Hospital Design

A look into how the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) guidelines are affecting hospital design and the upkeep of hospitals. The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) has laid down certain parameters and criteria which look into the effective management of resources...
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About Hosmac


Since its inception in 1996, Hosmac has evolved into an unmatched center of excellence which caters to multiple needs of a healthcare facility, ranging from architecture and engineering to hospital management. Hosmac is equipped with an excellent team of Doctors, Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, Construction Managers, Bio-Medical Engineers and Communication experts, who have helped partner with some of the India’s most prestigious hospitals to set benchmarks in hospital planning , design , management and communication .


About Hosmac Middle East 

Established in 2006 with the aim of developing the Middle East and African market, Hosmac Middle East (HME) JLT is today, one of the foremost Healthcare Consulting Groups in the region. With abouta decade of experience in U.A.E. and the Middle East, HOSMAC has built a strong reputation of delivering quality insights to healthcare organizations (both in the public and private sector) in various areas of hospital planning, design, construction and operations. The firm brings together a seasoned team of medical, engineering, design and management consultants to converge on healthcare ventures and has thus gained a robust standing as a provider of turnkey healthcare solutions in the region.






Hosmac’s quest to creating better healthcare delivery has lead to the creation of “Healthcare Executive.”Healthcare Executive has grown from being a digital platform for content on the business of healthcare to one that showcases out of the box ideas in India today. It is present on the web and has recently launched a fully integrated Mobile App on both IOS and Android to ease access to articles. Healthcare Executive makes a continuous effort to tell stories of people with varied backgrounds that are changing healthcare to make it more affordable and accessible to the masses .